IJKA Ukraine

Year of foundation 2014

The International Japan Karate-Do Association (IJKA) was formed in 1990 with the late Asai Shihan (1935 - 2006) as World Chief Instructor and Kato Shihan as European Chief Instructor. While still a mainstream ‘Shotokan’ organisation it also promotes Asai Shihan’s unique style of karate. While it was Asai’s unbelievable ability to demonstrate his style, it was and is, Kato Shihan’s ability to interpret and teach that has seen the organisation grow and gain popularity with the karate instructors who are still hungry for knowledge. At the 2007 IJKA congress held in Budapest, Hungary following one year of respect for Asai Shihan, Kato Shihan 9th dan was asked to take over the mantel of World Chief Instructor.


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