This Unified World Championship - Чемпионат МИРА по Боевым Искусствам

25.10 — 29.10 2017

WTKA International Russia - World Traditional Karate Kick Boxing Kung Fu All Styles Association.

Чеипионат Мира по Боевым Искусствам в 2017 году.
Марина Ди Каррара - Италия. WTKA International - 28 крупнейших Федераций Мира по Боевым искусствам, статус ЮНЕСКО и ТАФИСА.
40000 квадратных метров татами, до 5000 участников.

This Unified World Championship is a new way of understanding a great martial arts event: competition at the highest level and, at the same time, participation for all.
A legendary event!!!

Today over 28!!!! world federations have joined the Unified World Championships, where participating 5.000 athletes from over 107 countries. To win it means to have reached the highest competitive level but, at the same time, only partecipating means emotions, friendship, respect, loyalty, passion, with a spirit of joy that sets us apart from any other event.

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