Sergey Kosorotov
The World and European Champion in judo

Dear friends!

On-line BUDOPASSPORT is created for all the sportsmen, no matter what color their belts are or what skills they show.

Our goal is to make martial arts more popular, to bring sportsmen of all the continents together, help them make friends and communicate, find new styles and modes, push the boundaries and go far across the limits of tatami and ring, sportclub and dodjo.

On-line BUDOPASSPORT is based on the traditional paper Budo-passport reflecting your way. Nevertheless the on-line BUDOPASSPORT is a modern system, electronic register with all the benefits of a social net.

Signing up for your personal international BUDOPASSPORT you can post photos and videos of your workouts, competitions and workshops and make a link between students, masters, dodjo, federation and the founders. You can exchange your knowledge, skills and experience, tell more about your favorite martial art and broaden your mind. There is enough room for everyone here!

I, Sergey Kosorotov, The World and European Champion in judo, took part in the developing of this project along with my multiple friends, sportsmen and sensei from all around the world.

We are open. We have nothing to fear or hide. Our belts, dans, certificates and achievements are not fakes. They are not paid for with money, but gained with an honor in an honest fight.  A victorious fight against ourselves.